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Darktek - Bass Bomb (ALBUM CD) [2020]

Darktek - Bass Bomb (ALBUM CD) [2020]


BOOM! After more than 2 and a half years since Reality, "Bass Bomb", Darktek's new album is finally here!
This 4th Album of 15 tracks is for me, clearly the most successful.
Whether technically or musically, we really go to the next level!

So yes, it is a pre-order, so you will have to wait a bit before receiving it!

But there are still some advantages to pre-ordering:


- Delivery scheduled for September 18 (Official release September 25)

- All pre-orders will be autographed!

- The assurance of having your copy (the edition is limited!)

- Gift Sticker

- You support the artist and the physical support!


So don't hesitate! :)

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